this is the website of quite adept

please note that quite adept is not a person, but an in-progress project created by a person and/or persons curated to personally subvert personhood by producing content, with or without personality, while eschewing the practice of promoting a persona... this should make sense with time...hopefully... thank you for understanding....


youtube channel - place to post original videos, music, memes, animation, etc.

bandcamp - original music for purchase

mastodon - social media alternative, not great, some posts there

visual novel - an original visual novel, Dungeon of Departure, coming soon

Jerma's Big Adventure 2 - involved on the dev team as a musician and concept artist

creative writing - slowly adding older and new works here

original art & puzzles & comics - right here on this internet web cyber domain net space!

more projects to come... surely... shirley...


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